Chances are your business doesn’t specialize in Accounts Receivable. So why spend time and money keeping that service in-house when you can outsource it, end to end? Why have an entire salaried staff dedicated to a service that is sometimes unpredictable as far as workload is concerned? Silent Partners Group can be cost-conscious simply because we are flexible and scalable. We can assign resources to your needs at a moment’s notice. Managing receivables whether they are overdue or not requires the precision and tact that comes along with years of collections experience.

Our Team Can Handle:

  • The complete collection process of client receivables
  • The collection of client receivables which increase client cash flow and reduce client overhead
  • Preparing and sending invoices to debtors
  • Immediate and on-going contact and follow up with every debtor
  • All incoming debtor calls under client names and client guidelines
  • All debtor disputes
  • Instructing debtors to forward checks directly to clients


When you don’t get paid on-time there are a lot of areas of your business that suffer. Silent Partners Group specialized in retrieving the money you are owed, all while preserving relationships with your clients. We have staff specializing in all areas of debt collection from in-field professionals to lawyers specific to your industry.

Some of Our Debt Collection Services Include:

  • Phone contact with debtors throughout the country
  • Preparation and forwarding of correspondence to debtors
  • Personal visits with debtors throughout the tri-state area
  • Provide a dedicated personal staff to handle your receivables
  • Provide customers with monthly status reports on all matters
  • Pre-litigation phone calls and correspondence to debtors from in-house counsel
  • Litigation services by in-house counsel
  • Capable of receiving computer downloads off all customer invoices


Your Account Receivable success starts with your ability to invoice close to the service date. Reducing the time from invoice date to the day you get paid is dependent on timely invoicing along with immediate follow up with every debtor on these invoices. Silent Partners Group can handle your invoicing from top to bottom. We can send out invoices based on your invoicing cycle, immediately follow up to ensure receipt by correct party, and work as liaison to expedite the resolution of invoice disputes, all while acting as an extension of your company.

Our Invoice Services Provide:

  • Immediate follow up on invoices to ensure receipt by the correct parties
  • Experienced and professional handling of invoicing questions, disputes and concerns
  • Quicker invoice error root cause identification to assist with long-term invoice data quality improvements
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved ability to collect quicker
  • Ability to receive client invoicing data in multiple forms

Let us handle all of your collections needs, because after all, receivables is OUR business.