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Professional Debt Collection Services

At Silent Partners Group, we understand the importance of transportation debt collection. That is why we make sure to collect debts and protect your relationship with commercial clients. We take a customized approach to ensure the best possible results for you, whether through professional communication or personalized invoices. We have extensive experience in the transportation and collections industry, making us an ideal choice for any transportation, trucking account, or debt collection needs. You can rest assured that our team will be dedicated and diligent throughout the entire process – from start to finish!

Seamlessly Integrated AR

Our commercial debt collection services include:

Contact with Debtors

Contact debtors by phone across the country

Correspondence to Debtors

Correspondence to debtors is prepared and forwarded

Personal Visits with Debtros

Visiting debtors in person around the tri-state area

Dedicated Personal Staff

Dedicated personnel to handle your receivables

Monthly Statrus Reports

Monthly status reports on all aspects of debt collection

Pre-litigation Phone Calls

In-house counsel's pre-litigation phone calls and communication to debtors

Litigation Services

In-house counsel provides litigation services

Customer Invoices Downloads

Capable of receiving computer downloads off all customer invoices

We Serve as a Complete, Customized Accounts Receivable Partner for Your Company.

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