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Debt Recovery Is the Core of Our Business

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Professional Debt Collection Services

Our debt collection method has been refined, streamlined, and perfected as we've gained more expertise, ensuring that you have the best possibility of collecting your hard-earned money. We are so confident in our debt collection services that we don't charge a fee unless we successfully resolve your case We recognize that maintaining your client's trust is critical and that a long-term relationship may be required. Because of this, we can customize or take a different approach to our debt collection methods if needed, by functioning as an extension of your accounting operations.

Seamlessly Integrated AR

Our debt collection services include:

Contact with Debtors

Contact debtors by phone across the country

Correspondence to Debtors

Correspondence to debtors is prepared and forwarded

Personal Visits with Debtros

Visiting debtors in person around the tri-state area

Dedicated Personal Staff

Dedicated personnel to handle your receivables

Monthly Statrus Reports

Monthly status reports on all aspects of debt collection

Pre-litigation Phone Calls

In-house counsel's pre-litigation phone calls and communication to debtors

Litigation Services

In-house counsel provides litigation services

Customer Invoices Downloads

Capable of receiving computer downloads off all customer invoices

We Serve as a Complete, Customized Accounts Receivable Partner for Your Company.

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