SPG Clarity

At Silent Partners Group, transparency and honesty define our approach to managed receivables. That is why we have developed SPG Clarity, an online tracking system that gives you the power to monitor and manage your AR anytime, anywhere. We have found that continuous, two-way communication between SPG and our clients is critical in ensuring comfort and confidence in your AR progress. Additionally, this system is personalized to each business’s needs and interests, and is flexible enough to grow and change as fast as your company does.

SPG Clarity Provides:

  • Easy online access with a user-friendly interface
  • Two-way communication system
  • Full, real-time invoice and collections reports
  • Forecasting tools
  • Managerial key performance scorecard
  • Debt analysis and strategic reporting
  • Excellent security/permissions capabilities
  • Prompt follow up system
  • Customization capabilities for each client